Apples, Bananas And Milk: You Are Eating Them In The Wrong Time And That’s Why The Harm You

Milk relaxes the body and it lets the cells to effectively absorb the beneficial ingredients – but only if you drink it in a specific time.

Every ingredient has its time for consumption, and if you take them in the wrong time they might hurt your health in different ways. For example, if you eat a banana at night you increase the risk of cold, and consuming sugar could lead to weight gain.

The following are the foodstuffs that are usually consumed in the wrong time:


According to experts, the best time to drink milk is at night, not during the day. The milk requires more time to be digested so it’s better to drink it at night. It relaxes the body and it enables the cells to effectively absorb the beneficial ingredients, while you are resting.


It’s best to be consumed during the day, as it is the perfect ingredient for lunch. During the day the metabolism is much faster which gives you enough time to burn the carbs it contains. If eaten at night, bean causes flatulence as a result of the amount of starch contained. It could also lead to weight gain.


If eaten during the day, it stimulates and improves digestion. It has probiotic properties and it’s beneficial for the gut flora. If you consume it at night it might cause cough.


Ice-creams, chocolates, and other products that contain big amounts of sugar need to be consumed in the mornings. That is the period of the day when we are most active and the body is able to burn bugger amounts of sugar. At night, the physical activity is reduced and it might cause weight gain.


They have the best effect if they’re consumed at night as they contain lots of fiber, help the digestion and reduce the cholesterol level. It’s not recommended to eat lentils and beans in the morning as they increase the appetite and you may it more during the day.


It is full of fiber and it helps the digestion and relieves heartburn. Consuming them will increase the energy in your body for the day. You need to eat it before trainings. Since it’s rich in magnesium it might cause cramps if consumed at night on an empty stomach.


This fruit is rich in pectin, especially the peel. Pectin is very beneficial for the gut and it prevents constipation. Since it contains organic acids, if taken at night it might raise the level of stomach acid.


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