How To Prevent Hangover?

The hardest part of the parties with alcohol is the morning after. The hangover and the headache is something that you definitely want to avoid after e great night.

Luckily, there are some tricks that will reduce the consequences. It’s important to remember them while drinking.

Stay hydrated

This is most certainly the main rule. While drinking cocktails or drinks that have some amount of sugar, we suggest you to drink a big glass of water between every next drink.

Sugar and alcohol are a very dangerous combination, so it’s better to dilute it with few glasses of water.

Replace sugar with lemon

You will definitely fell much better if you mix your vodka with fresh lemon instead of blueberry juice. Unlike the sugar that is contained in the juice, the lemon will completely clear your mind.

Eat before you drink

It’s the best and the most famous rule to eat before you drink. On empty stomach the alcohol will start to act more quickly. Therefore, if you know that there is a party or a gig ongoing, first eat a bit and then go have a party and drink.

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