I Stopped Exercising And These 5 Things That Happened To My Body Shocked Me

What happens when we stop exercising? You will be surprised when you find out

When I planned to rest a bit from the gym and from exercising, it turned into longer period than I expected. The muscles started losing down and the metabolism was slowed down.

It’s ok to occasionally rest our muscles, event he experts advise to make a pause of day or two, even up to two weeks, but no longer than that, because there are counter effects which occur when you stop exercising.

Raised blood pressure

After 3 months of constant exercising in the gym, I made a pause and my blood pressure changed immediately. My blood pressure was lowered and the arteries narrowed. With exercising you increase the blood flow and the arteries wide temporarily in order to facilitate circulation.

This tendency is active 24 hours, but if you don’t continue exercising, the blood pressure will go back as it was before. You need to exercise more in order to have better blood flow. It’s better to exercise half a week than none.

The muscles become less sensitive to insulin

When we exercise, our muscles process the insulin and they absorb glucose as energy. If we lose insulin sensitivity, then our body will turn the sugar into fat, instead of processing it and turning into energy. This may lead to diabetes and infection.

Luckily, the body can adapt very fast and increase the sensitivity on insulin, if we continue to exercise and eat healthy food. Just 30minutes of walk several times a week is enough the body to process the insulin properly.

Loss of muscle mass

My size was reduced and it happened faster than I thought. All the efforts I put in weightlifting, evaporated quickly. Keep in mind that a large muscle doesn’t mean a strong muscle.

If you make 2 weeks pause, it will probably affect the size of the muscle and the strength. After a month of pause from exercising, you will lose muscle mass, but you will keep the strength – said Geremo Leneke, professor at the university of Mississippi.

Oxygen consumption decreases

The cardio ability is the first one to decrease when we stop exercising. It has been scientifically proved that the oxygen consumption decreases for 7% after 12 days of total inactivity, 14% after 50 days, and 16% after 84 days of inactivity.

This actually means raised pulse, shortness of breath and being slowed down.

 Bad mood

I noticed a rapidly deteriorating mood. While I was exercising, I was feeling better. My body was producing endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, all hormones that makes us feel better. Once I stopped exercising, these hormones disappeared, and the good mood with them. I became tense, depressed and I had trouble concentrating.


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