She Started Eating Only Fatty Food And Had A Transformation She Couldn’t Even Imagine

I though fatty food was a bad food, yet I had no idea how wrong I am.

Consuming not fatty food is healthier and the possibility to gain weight is almost not possible. It’s been speaking about it all the time, yet is it truly right?

This woman decided to do something different and to share her experience with the others.

“I used only groceries with low level of fats, such as various dairy products, milk, cheese, yoghurt, creams and coffee with nonfat creamers.

I felt hungry very frequently because the fat content was very low. I also noticed that these groceries had actually some chemicals ingredients added as a substitute for the real fat as well as artificial aroma.

I’m glad that I’m able to say it now, but my house was full of false healthy food.

One morning, I drank plain black coffee, and after so many years, it was amazing. In the meantime I heard something more about the advantages of having regular meals in full fat food, and how that’s not that unhealthy as I thought.

Studies showed that people who consume full fat dairy products have lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In order that everything goes on its natural course, I decided the false healthy food with low level of fat to substitute with healthy fat food and here’s what happened.

I remembered of my childhood and the traditional servings of cake for the birthdays.

I started to eat real bacon for breakfast. It’s not true that it will make you fat, although it’s different from the other fatty ingredients. It’s a great meal that satiates me, unlike the “healthy not fatty” meals.

I was eating ice cream, the real one, not the fake toppings and various foamy not fatty things, artificial color and aroma. I consumed fewer calories during the day.

I didn’t used to calculate the calorie intake before. Now, with my new way of eating, I started to calculate, and noticed that the calorie intake is lower.

I changed my opinion about snacks as well. I now put almonds and pumpkin seeds in yoghurt, and it’s something so different. I feel satiated for much longer.

The same was for dinner. Instead of chicken and vegetables on barbecue, I used creamy pastes.

After two months, I can say that I was actually a bit afraid of the fatty food. The body needs fats as energy for their breakdown.

I can’t say that I lost weight, it’s the same, but that wasn’t the goal of my research. I feel healthier, and that was my point. Now, I enjoy much more in the food, its smell and its preparation.


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