Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer Not To Be Overlooked

Certainly, cancer is one of the worst disease that is affecting the entire world. While it’s a disease that commonly develops symptoms internally, when we talk about the testicular cancer things are very different.

The symptoms of the testicular cancer might be seen with the naked eye and that is something that makes the disease a lot much easier to detect in time.

It’s very important that the men know in great details what the symptoms of testicular cancer are, and to be alert to this dangerous disease and discover it in time.

Symptoms of the Testicular Cancer

Knowing the symptoms of testicular cancer is essential for its detection on time.

The testicles are hanging below the penis, in a small sac that is called “scrotum” where they develop the sperm and the male hormones.

According to American Cancer Society, the testicular cancer can form in any of the intertesticulares cells, however in 90% of cases, the cells that rise the disease are germ, and they are responsible for the formation of the sperm.

The very first symptoms of testicular cancer are linked to pain and discomfort in one or in both testicles and the appearance of some lumps in the lower abdomen.

Feeling heaviness in the scrotum or having abnormal fluid in that area are also the others most common symptoms of testicular cancer. Some men also experience strong sensitivity in that area.

If these symptoms remain more than 2 weeks, the man has to consult his doctor immediately.

Testicular cancer usually affects just one testicle and it usually occurs in middle-aged males (15-35 years).

The American Cancer Society said that the average age of the men with testicular cancer is 33 years:

“This is largely a disease of the young men and the middle – aged.” The society estimates that the likelihood of suffering from this type of cancer is 1 in 263, even though in recent years the number has increased in the United States.

The Mayo Clinic lists the main risk factors of this disease:

-Be teen or young
-An undescended or abnormally developed testicle
-Family history of this disease
-White men are more likely to develop the testicular cancer than the black men.

Beyond all, the survival rates with respect to testicular cancer are very good because it is a highly detectable cancer thanks to its external symptoms. The American Cancer Society said that the risk of dying from the disease is 1 in 5,000.

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