Technique With A Spoon Which Will Help You Check Your Health In 1 Minute

We all know how important is to maintain your health in an optimal condition.

However, it’s a known fact that few people regularly check the health condition of their entire body.

Most of us live by the moto: “If nothing hurts me, why would I go to the doctor?”

If you are among those people, the following simple trick will tell you a lot about your health without the need to go to the doctor.

  1. Take one spoon and slide it through your tongue, in a way to collect a layer of the top of your tongue.
  2. Put the spoon in some plastic bag and place it on some light area: sun or a lamp.
  3. After one minute, check the spoon.

If there are no stains on it and there is no bad smell from the bag, then it means that you don’t have any health issue.

In case you notice unpleasant smell it means the following:

  • Problems with the lungs or the stomach – if the smell is sharp
  •  Problems with diabetes – if the smell is sweet of fruity
  • Problems with the kidneys – if it has a smell such as ammonia

If case you notice some deposits, that means:

  • Irregular thyroid function – white or yellow color
  • Bronchitis, bad circulation, high cholesterol – purple
  • Respiratory infection – white
  • Kidney problems – orange color


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