Which Hormone Is Important For Weight Loss?

It’s almost impossible to constantly eat every type of food, and at the same time to have perfect health and to look great. However, if you exercise several times during the week, and you maintain a specific diet and yet you haven’t lost weight, we have great news for you.

According to „Mindbodygreen“, in our body there is a hormone that is essential for weight loss. It’s a special enzyme, hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

We all have traces of it in our body, and it is responsible for the elimination of the fat cells in the organism. HSL works optimally when the insulin level is low. It’s because the insulin is responsible for the storage of the fat in our body.

Conclusion: We need high level of HSL and low level of insulin in order to increase the potential for fat burning.

“If any other system works less than optimal, our body will oppose to every attempt to lower the excess weight”, says „Mindbodygreen“.

Since HSL is not contained in our body in big amounts, it’s essential to focus our body to produce more of this type of enzyme.

There are some exercises that can help you in that: Hight Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) and the standing. Right, you read correctly, the standing itself that lasts for longer period of time, activates all the muscles, and thus supports the HSL production.

Therefore, don’t waste time – stand up now!


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