Why You Need To Drink Lemon Water At Least Two Weeks?

Lemon water sounds like a great idea, especially if you have watched photos on Pinterest of huge pitchers with vibrant colors of lemons.

However, sometimes it might be a huge challenge.

Still, it’s better to challenge yourself:

  1. Learn well the benefits of drinking lemon water
  2. Give yourself a promise to drink lemon water at least 14 days, every day
  3. Write a note how you felt the first and the last day of the challenge
  4. Tell us how your experience was

Why is it so beneficial to rink lemon water?

Lemons are a great source of vitamin C which is essential for the growth and the development of the body. One lemon contains around 30-40 mg of vitamin C.

Besides, this vitamin has many other health benefits, such as protection from prenatal problems, cardiovascular problems, problems with the eyes, skin, immunity…

It acts as an antioxidant and it protects the cells from the damage of the free radicals.

Health benefits of lemon water:

  1. Lemon water is great for detox and for cleansing the organism

The principal ingredient of the lemons is citrate which acts as an inhibitor for the toxins which are collecting in the body as crystals. The citric acid improves the ability of the organism to get rid of these harmful substances.

It improves the function of the enzymes and it stimulates the liver.

  1. Lemon water improves digestion

The citrus flavonoids help the food to digest more quickly in the organism. They work as tonic which helps the hydrochloric acid in the organism to digest more quickly the food.

  1. Lemon water improves the alkalinity

Alkalizing is a process of neutralizing of the acidity in the body. The body itself, as it collects toxins with time, it also becomes acidic, and as a result, you may have uric acid, pain in the stomach, acidosis…

Lemon water helps the body to not keep the toxins.

  1. Weight loss, improving the immunity

Every organism can react differently on lemon water, but in basic, it replaces the drinks that are full of sugar, and on that way you lose weight.


For a start, if you are used to sweetened drinks, then you would like to add sugar into the lemon water, but you have to avoid this at any cost.

Moreover, lots of people are concerned about the tooth enamel, but as long as you don’t exaggerate with adding sugar, you won’t have any problems.


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