Wonder Plant: It Not Only Increases The Breast Size And Affects The Potency, But It Also Melts Fats

The seed of this plant, which was praised and appreciated since the ancient period, and today you could find it in almost every health store.

Fenugreek helps in the reconstruction of the entire organism. Beside the miraculous effect that has on increasing the breast size, it’s used to enhance the sexual potency in men, as well as is an excellent tool for weight loss.

It’s amazing for digestion, cholesterol, and it improves circulation, which means it accelerates the metabolism. That’s why it’s very good for those who want to shred some kilo. You can use it in a few different ways, like a tea, powder or as a digestive.


Put two tablespoons of the seeds in 2 dl of cold water. Boil it and let it covered for 20 minutes and stir occasionally. Now strain it and drink it slowly in small sips.


You can cook the seed in soup or grind it in powder, which is more efficient. Take half a teaspoon two times a day for better digestion.

You should drink beverage made of tablespoonful of grinded seeds mixed in glass of water, three times a day before meal, in order to improve your entire organism.


For laxative properties, you need to add half to one teaspoon of freshly grinded seeds and mix them in 250ml of water and drink it 1-3 times a day.

This hardy annual belong to the family of clove and it can grow up to 30-40 cm.  It blooms in June and July, and has fruits in August. It has very strong smell, so its seeds can be consumed with jam, marmalade, fruit juice or honey.

The health benefits of this plant have been very familiar to the people, from ancient Egypt to Greece, and even the famous prophet Mohamed said about it: If you knew about the value of this plant, you would pay for its weight in gold.


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