You Are Not Sick If You Have Bad Breath, Lack Of Sexual Desire Or Headache – You Are Missing These Important Vitamins

Maintaining improper diet could lead to hair damaging, low libido, white spots on the nail, dandruff and dry skin.

Lots of people have problem with bad breath, cracked lips and headaches. These symptoms may occur as a result of some serious health condition, but also as a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. That’s why it’s very important to know what you should eat.

“It’s important to have in mind that  the ability to absorb vitamins and minerals could be connected to the drug intake, such as antibiotics or contraceptive pills, as well as food habits, drinking tea or coffee”, said nutritionist from London, Rob Hobson.

Here is what food can help you with these symptoms:

Cracked lips

It may appear as a result of lack of iron or vitamin C.

It usually appears at vegetarians. The solution is to consume more salmon, eggs, tuna, mussels, oysters and other seafood. For those who don’t eat meat it’s recommended to consume lentils, beans, peanuts, sesame, chard. It’s also very important to consume vitamin C so that the iron is easily absorbed. It’s recommended red meat, red pepper, cauliflower, kale and tofu.


Vitamin H (Biotin), vitamin B7, lack of essential fatty acids. Ingredients that could help are fresh salmon, almonds, peanut butter and sunflower seeds.

Hair thinning

It’s a result of low iron and vitamin C intake. Here might help lemon, kiwi, strawberries, and red bean.


You lack vitamin D and B, and essential fatty acids. Increase the intake of eggs, crab, fresh tuna and mushrooms.

Dry skin

You lack omega 6 fatty acids. You need to consume more sunflower seeds, peanuts and sesame.


They appear as a result of lack of zinc and vitamin A. You need to include fish, flaxseed, dry fruits, almonds and nuts in your daily regimen. You could also eat spinach, cashew, cocoa and seafood.

Oily skin around the nose

A sign of vitamin B2 and zinc deficiency. It can be solved by consuming feta cheese, almonds, mackerel and asparagus.

White spots on the nails

They appear as a result of zinc and iron deficiency. It’s advised to consume more pork, mushrooms, chickpeas and raisins.

Nail cracking

Most frequently is an iron deficiency. Here might help flaxseed, chicken liver, pistachios, lentils.

Ulcers on the tongue

These occur after a fall in the immunity or lack of vitamin B12, B3, iron and folic acid. Consume more black beans, avocado, trout, cauliflower.

Bad breath

It doesn’t have to be related just on bad teeth, yet it could be a consequence of bad oral hygiene and creation of bacteria, mostly on the tongue.

This is caused by lack of iron, which is why you should consume more raisins, peas, cornflakes.

Bad mood

Vitamins B and D, and magnesium deficiency.

You need to eat more avocado, beans, and quinoa seeds that don’t contain gluten, and originates from South America


It appears as a result of vitamin B, iron and magnesium deficiency. It could be prevented by consuming dry apricots, dry prunes, liver and nuts.


If you have headaches frequently, it’s a sign of magnesium and vitamins B12 and B6 deficiency.

Here will help pumpkin seeds, dry prunes, bananas and soy milk.

Restless legs

It could be a sign of low levels of magnesium, iron or lack of folic acid. Ingredients that could help are avocado, oregano and dark chocolate.

Low libido

Lack of vitamin D.

Foods that contain this vitamin are mushrooms, cereal, mackerel, eggs, nuts.


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