You Will Never Throw Banana With Black Dots When You See How Amazing They Are

Consuming two ripe bananas a day will do wonders

Many people think that the bananas with black spots are not good for consumption and they throw them.

According to a Japanese expert, these bananas are able to significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

There are more reasons why you should fruit when it’s ripe – it’s because then they contain much more minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

Unripe bananas are difficult for digestion. The dark spots are actually a sign that the bananas are ripe.

Consuming two ripe bananas a day will do wonders

The body gets double TNF (tumor necrosis factor), which reduces the risk of the appearance of cancer. The level of TNG in the banana is highest right before the banana turns black.

This affects:

–  Energy increase, as it contains plenty of vitamin B

– It affects positively the bones thanks to the manganese and calcium content

– Reduces the blood pressure thanks to the potassium

– Improves the mood and it’s the main reason why the banana helps in depression


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